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about aura

The origin of the name "Aura" is
The Latin word "aura" means breeze or gentle breeze.
It is also the goddess of the breeze "Aura" in Greek mythology.

It is an inn that was considered from the perspective of women.
Our concept is "While having a gentle atmosphere and an attentive space,
An inn where you can enjoy the Funaya as it is."
So that you can see the appearance of Funaya as it is
Only the guest room part has been renovated and the exterior
I try to feel the gap.
The guest room is owned by a female owner from the renovation stage with an architect.
While consulting, think about a space where female customers can spend comfortably
It is built with a harmonious atmosphere in mind.
Also, because it is limited to one group per day
You can relax in a private space.


From “Funaya Aura”

The Ine Funaya group, which was selected as an important traditional buildings preservation area, is built around the bay. “Aura” is an inn limited to one group per day, which was created by renovating a part of such a boathouse. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond to your requests while keeping your private time and creating a relaxing space.


Aura room

The rooms are open and have a gentle atmosphere with a female perspective in mind.
Under the window, you can overlook the sea and the calm Ine Bay.
The sound of the waves, the voice of seagulls, and the sight of ships coming and going are like coming to a distant country ...
When the weather is nice, the morning sun illuminates the room.



We accept one group on a day/ Max 6-8 people

Your private space as the guests is on the 2nd floor of the boathouse.

( There are the guest rooms and bathroom on 2nd floor. )

Check in / Check out 15:00(please let us know in advance if you arrive at 17:00-)/10:00


Air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, electronic kettle, hair dryer, bath towel, face towel, yukata, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush set, hairbrush, razor, welcome water (1 bottle service per person), Japanese tea, coffee

About accommodation of children : For safety reasons, we do not accept reservations for children under elementary school age.

Parking lot】

1 car (free) available ( It's several seconds to walking.)
* This inn is a few minutes on foot from the nearest bus stop,

so if you come by bus, please get off at the nearest station “Hirata” or “Ine”.


Pets not allowed

【No smoking】

Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.

【Cancellation policy】

As a general rule, if you want to cancel or change your reservation, please contact us at least 7 days before your stay. The cancellation fee is as follows.

Cancellation 3 to 2 days before the accommodation date (the day before): 30% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation the day before the accommodation date: 50% of the accommodation fee
Cancellation on the day of stay: 100% of the room rate



The guest will be able to slowly have breakfast while looking at Ine Bay.

The 2 meals plan will offer from December to March.

スクリーンショット 2022-11-25 16.25.31.png

One Buri-shabu plan ( with dinner and breakfast)

スクリーンショット 2022-11-25 16.25.39.png

The basic 2 meals plan
(Only March)

スクリーンショット 2022-11-25 16.25.48.png

Bed & Breakfast plan

スクリーンショット 2022-12-14 12.56.03.png

No meals plan

This is a dinner course plan featuring yellowtail directly sourced from Ine Fishing Port (includes breakfast and dinner for one night stay). This offer is available exclusively from December to the end of February.

If we cannot take the yellowtail from Ine port due to some conditions, we will offer another fish dinner for you.

We will prepare dinner using fish caught on the same day for you.

Menu; appetizer, sashimi, fish and vegetable hot pot, grilled or boiled fish, seafood rice bowl, dessert

With the sea in front of you, Funaya Aura is located in the relatively center of the Funaya group in Ine Town.
What do you say by yourself? It’s a very large and wide frontage in the Funaya group in Ine Town!

Around Funaya Aura, there are long-established sake breweries, bus stops,

restaurants, shops, and tourist associations, so you can take a walk.

You can also drop in.
But can we make use of the first floor of our boat shop? Considering that, we have carried out renovation work, and from 2021 “Plan with breakfast”
As a result, we have created a dining space where guests can dine while looking out at the sea inside the boat.

● Customers who bring light bread in the morning are also available with a “room without meals plan”!

Since it is limited to one group per day, guests can rent out the dining space on the 1st floor for breakfast during their stay.

The menu changes depending on the day.

I want to sleep in the room in the morning … I want to be absent in the room.
I brought breakfast, so I want to have breakfast bread.
I paid …


Funaya Aura’s breakfast is only a fish-based breakfast.
* Please use the refrigerator, microwave, and kettle here.
* The table on the 1st floor uses the master “Breakfast Plan” for the most part.
If there is “Thank you for the terrace on the sea side on the 1st floor!”, Please enter and apply.


Aura cafe


The customers will can visit to Interior of Funaya.
Open 11:00 am- 3:00 pm
Monday / Closed


Our inn & Cafe is undergoing renovation from 2rd March to April 2024, and we are closed.
We may be open to cafe no matter what day of the week when weather is fine!
Please order one drink when you visit it.

Hot coffee JPY450
Ice coffee, JPY500
Top of caramel sauce with nuts on Ice cream,JPY600

※We don't have parking lot so, please put the car on Ine parking space (Paid).

The entrance for Aura inn's guests is different from the entrance for the 1F Cafe.



For Reservation

【Aura’s Price list (2023/4/1~)】

Only 1 group on the day

including tax)



add breakfast +1,650 yen/ per
Japanese foods menu; Grilled fish, boiled v
egetables, rice, miso soup, pickles

Western style menu; Bread or waffles, salad, eggs, sausage, fruit, coffee or tea, orange juice

【Notice for Aura's booking】

Aura Cafe operates on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. Therefore, please note that we may not be able to accommodate reservations for consecutive stays on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays.



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